Managing over 4 billion kWh

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    Electricity prices are extremely volatile. In our markets they have ranged from higher than 25 cents/kWh to below 6 cents/kWh over a short span of years.

    With extreme energy market volatility, it can be difficult to navigate in a sea of available products and services.

    Many factors should be considered when choosing an energy product and developing a procurement strategy, such as: peak demand, consumption, market conditions, risk tolerance, and efficiency options.


Secure Energy offers a breadth of products accompanied by expert advice to help you develop or further refine your procurement strategy. We currently manage over 4 billion kWh, allowing us to leverage supplier relationships and buying power for the benefit of our customers.

Our team of Energy Specialists will:

  • Educate you about the market and how it affects your company
  • Explain all of your options
  • Serve as an unbiased resource you can trust
  • Design a comprehensive, managed approach to your electricity procurement needs

We were founded under the guiding principle of reducing consumer energy costs.

Kevin Mattson, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder